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We need to make it easier to be good: Letter to the Editor

We must find ways to make it easier to be good. We have a culture of death here and abroad. We have mass shootings and war zones in our country. Barbaric wars flourish in the Middle East and beyond. Fighting a war against a word like terrorism has backfired. Nations act as brokers and dealers in a global economic arena resulting in a new form of colonialism where nations find they must protect their interests everywhere.

We have raw capitalism. The free market is reserved for only a few. The free enterprise system is crushed. Millions have lost their jobs and their businesses. Free trade economics has failed and brought out the worst in us. A few are doing well while their neighbors get fired for the sake of more profits and stock values.

Pope Francis came and reminded us of the golden rule about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is no longer just a biblical phrase. It is the only practical solution we have left. The culture of death now even includes the selling of baby parts for profit.

President Obama calls for new gun laws, but many wonder what he means when he talks about the new world order. We need to make it easier for all to be good.

Ray Tapajna,

Cleveland Plain Dealer Letters 

Extra Note: Nicholas Goble, Ph.D candidate in physics at Case Western Reserve U. uses advanced statistical analysis of risk versus benefit of crime through the perpective fo the offender.

The article titled Minimum wage's effects on crime, tells about risks versus benefits with crimminal behavior being more common  in lower-income households. Raising the poverty line via minimum wage increases would tip the scales in favor of legititmate sources of income, especially in the case of nonviolent, cash-motivated crimes. ( If we want to make it easier to be good, supporting low-income households is a good way to start.  And Free trade economics is not the way to do it. )

Reference: Cleveland Plain Dealer  E8, Sunday, November 15, 2015 

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