Free trade goes down a treacherous path

"The changing face of work" - Plain Dealer editorial  just masks degradations of free trade: letter to the editor

The Plain Dealer's Sept. 1 editorial titled "The Changing Face of Work" is really about chasing rainbows. Cleveland was once a high technology center. Many in the Silicon Valley knew about it.  I traveled there frequently. 

 Free trade came and put out about 1,000 computer-related businesses in just Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  These businesses were cost-effective in adding value up and down the line from raw product to the retail level. Now with all the electronic devices coming from faraway places, very little value is added.  The devices do not create jobs here.

 It is what I call secondhand money. This is money that does not create an economic cycle. It just moves money around in a static fashion. It becomes play money in our casinos with a vast restaurant and entertainment sector needing to serve alcohol to survive.  

As far as education is concerned, during the first ten years of the computer revolution, companies trained and schooled the new workforce, not the colleges. As a result, you had data processing managers coming from the factory floor and office environments. They came from the real world and  made computer technology dynamic in many different ways. 

I personally went to Honeywell GE Corporate schools to learn the trade.  And prior to that, when I worked at several factories while going to college, it was the foremen who took the young off the streets and taught them a skill. In turn the young made enough money to get married, have a family, buy a home and have money left over to help their children get through college.

 By the time, I graduated from college, I was an experienced spot welder, inventory manager, punch press operator and a set up man for three assembly lines.  These jobs were not something a college or trade school could teach me. The job fit the need easily.  I had hands-on training.  

And if these jobs were available today, there would be millions standing in line across the nation to get them, including college graduates.

We need to tell it like it is. Free trade came and stole all of this away from us. And back then, contract jobs, temporary jobs and part-time jobs were just a small part of the economy. Now they make up the largest part.  States have even paid foreign auto assemblers to build their plants in their state with parts and machining coming from the impoverished  workers of the world. These companies  promise to  hire full-time workers but after a few years the majority are contract, temporary or part-time workers not making enough to support a consumption economic system. 
Many  in the retail sector need government assistance to survive.

 The term "Built in the USA" carries a lot of economic sins with it. Lets not hide these facts.

Ray Tapajna Cleveland

The globalist free traders really know how to sideline the real issues behind free trade. Free trade is not trade. The label was put on an economic system that divides investments from production and moves production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor costs and the overhead of supporting human dignity in the workday for the common good of all of society. Workers are the real commodities being traded. They are put on a world trading block to compete with one another for the same jobs down to the lowest levels of wage slave and even child labor. Free trade economics is about making money on money instead of making things. It manipulates the value of workers and labor for the sake of maximum profits. Small business suffer the same fate. Subsistence living farmers are put out of business due to massive agricultural corporations which enjoy government subsidies control this industry and many others. The free market is isolated to only a few.

In the end trillions of dollars in value has been lost forever
1. The value of workers and labor has been degraded with trillions of dollars lost forever in the process.
2. The trade deficit which has broken records since 1994 represents trillions of dollars more lost forever.
3. President Obama had to bail out the process when he took over by borrowing trillions of dollars from the future.

In effect the bail out takes tariffs off products and puts them on future generations of workers for a long time to come.

Free trade is evil. It negates the rights of workers and their right to property with this property being the fruits of their labor. Adam Smith held this value as something sacred. Workers make up a society - investments must hold this as a priority in all their dealings. Our country was founded by belief systems that did not include serfdom and later ruled against slavery. The American Dream has been reversed by elite groupings who have a plantation owner mentality under the cover of what is called free trade. Ray Tapajna Advocate for workers' dignity, local economies and the real free enterprise system. http://tapsearch.com/ray-tapajna-journal


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