Globalist Free Traders Have Plantation Owner Mentality

The following article is taken from our response to the following post on a Tea  Party blog. 

Thomas Max Jonker with original reference being  Global Warming? The Pope is Wrong



The TRUTH will set us free. Finding the cause instead of putting band aid on the effect is the first thing we must all do.

Useful goods instead of employing a real good brings more trouble than it is worth. It grieves me to see so many in the Tea Party who are choosing to being pragmatic instead of boldly standing for the what truly is right. Just winning elections is not the answer. If we keep doing things the same way, all we get is the same results.  We also need to explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical suggested the use of subsidiary where all decisions are made at the lowest level possible. We need to form many different communities and not let be subject to centralization and federalism. 

As you note, we hear many words with the connotations pre-arranged to fit a pre-chosen  pursued direction.  They label things with the labels hiding the real intentions behind them.

The media channels get in step with the powers that control outcomes. Spinning the news is a old practice but in our times, it is so refined that many are allured to the interpretations. 

I wish Ben Carson truth telling could be a reality but too many do not have a listening ear.

I doubt if big time politics will ever let him in.  I hope I am wrong.  I would like to see him become the presidential candidate for the Constitution Party which has a history of being right since they were known as the U.S. Taxpayer Party.   From this platform Carson can challenge the nonsense of our major party that I call the Globalist Free Trader party with both major parties acting as one in the betrayal of who we are as a free people. They use free trade as a tool to make bond servants out of us all. It is led by  intellectuals with a plantation owner mentality. They think they know what is best for all. 

The conservatives have had more than forty years to stand firm for the right to life. They use it just to win election. And sadly  they back unjust wars.

The liberals are all over the place with the exceptions to the rule now being the rule. They had more than eighty years to correct the minority issues but they too just use the words to get elected. 





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